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A Selection of iPhonefixed.co.uk’s Favourite iPhone Apps

 Nov 15, 2014    iPhone tips

We all have our favourite apps, the one’s we always install whenever we get a new phone. Out of the multitudes of apps available on iTunes, we’ve tried to compile our top 5 most useful apps for you to look at and see if you have them, or need them. So, without further ado, here are our favourite apps:


The camera app on the iPhone is already pretty good, but VSO Cam opens up a wealth of extra features and options not available on the default camera app. With this app, you are able to adjust the white balance, tweak focus as well as control exposure settings. There’s even an editor which you can use to post process your photos and enhance your photos to make them look even better.


This app costs a couple of dollars, but lets you customize your app’s icons. One of the weaknesses of the iPhone is that one iPhone looks pretty much the same as another iPhone, which is where the Android’s have the big edge over the iPhone; customability and the means to make it personal. It even allows you to make customizable short cuts that take you from the home screen to composing an email in one ‘click’.


This app is available for under a dollar and adds a new, more interesting, and easier to use keyboard for your iPhone. Its biggest advantage is the ability to resize the keyboard, which makes it easier to type for fat fingers, and it also comes with standard features such as predictive, autocorrect and punctuation assistance.


Once of the more expensive apps on our list comes CamDictionary. With Europe on the doorstep of the UK, this app is a superb companion to helping you in foreign countries. It simply works by using the iPhone’s camera to scan foreign words, and then translating them into English. This is great for use in restaurants, shops, or anywhere a rough translation is required.


The final app in this article is free, and can make your life a lot easier. It works by allowing you to import electronic bills or bank statements, or photographing your bills and allowing you store everything on your phone so you have access to all your bills wherever you are. It allows you to add keywords to assist in recalling the bill rather than having to search through manually.

These apps are not the normal app you would search for, but you can see how much they can and do add to your arsenal of iPhone apps to make your life more efficient.

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