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Battle of the Phablets – Note 4 v 6 Plus

 Nov 12, 2014    iPhone news & reviews

The question on many people’s lips is how does the iPhone 6 Plus fair against Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4? With many saying that the 6 Plus is basically at the same level as the Note 2, many are concerned that the 6 Plus might not be all it’s cracked up to be. The only way to really see which is best is to set them head to head, and not only compare hardware stats, but also take into account something that the 6 plus might hold over the Note 4: true compatibility.

The comparison is all the more interesting given the timing of the release of both units; they were both released within a week of one another. The Note 4 came out first on 3 Sept 2014, with the 6 Plus coming out on the 9 Septemeber 2014. Normally there’s a significant time period between releases from the big two, they rarely coincide with one another. This gives perhaps the truest comparison ever.>

The Screen

The screen sizes are pretty similar give or take half an inch or so. The Note 4 measures 5.7 inches across the diagonal compared to the iPhone’s 5.5 inches. The Note also has superior resolution at 1440 x 2560 giving a pixel density of 515ppi. The 6 plus comes in at 1080 x 1920 giving a pixel density of 401ppi. Samsung wins this one


Both cameras have been improved on both models, but the Note 4 has 16 MegaPixels compared to the 6 Pluses 8 MegaPixels. Of course, this measurement is not the be all and end all, the real quality comes from the size of the sensor and the lens. The 6 Plus actually has a slightly larger sensor, while its camcorder sports up to 240 fps compared to the Note’s 60 fps.


Speed wise, both chips on each device are pretty similar in performance. The Note has four times as much memory as the 6 Plus, but not as much storage. The 6 Plus comes with 128gb of storage compared to just 32gb on the Note, although this can be expanded by media cards.

Both units really are superb, each offers advantages over the other, and it really depends on which camp you’re in. The Note 6 has a big plus over its multi tasking, giving you the ability to use two apps at the same time.

However, the iPhone 6 Plus has the same advantage all iPhones have over Android devices, and that’s the seamless operating experience of the OS and its hardware. The OS is written specifically for the iPhone, whereas Android OS is written for the multitude of units that are produced.



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