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Best iPhone Photography Accessories & Tips

 Jan 13, 2015    iPhone tips  iPhone photography, accessories, tips

iPhone Selfie

The iPhone range have always had very good cameras on board, and the latest iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are no exception. Although they may not have some of the high mega pixel count as some Android smart phones, this really isn’t the be all and end all regarding any camera. As with professional photography, the most important aspects of any camera is the quality of the lens, and the quality of the sensor. The iPhone has exceptional quality lens and sensor that more than makes up for a lower mega pixel count.

Have you taken any stunning images with your iPhone recently? Do you want to delve deeper into iPhone photography? If so, bookmark iPhonefixed now, as there will be more iPhone photography articles and tips like the ones below coming in the near future.

So what can you get to enhance the photographic capabilities of your iPhone?

Firstly, if you want to get serious about your phone camera, did you know you can purchase a proper DSLR lens package for your iPhone? This neat lens clips onto your iPhone and covers the existing lens, and will allow you to make adjustments such as f-stop numbers, and focus, to really bring a lot of creativity to your shots. The most important factor is that you will for the first time on a smart phone, be able to control the depth of field optically, meaning sharp, crisp subject matter, and blurry backgrounds.

Also important to consider is a tripod. A tripod is an essential bit of camera kit to help you obtain stable shots. The tripod allows you to open the shutter for longer periods of time without any fear of camera shake. On a DSLR, you can perhaps hold a camera steady for 1/60th second. With something like an iPhone camera, you won’t have that luxury because it is smaller, and more susceptible to camera shake. And of course, what better way is there of taking a selfie, than standing your iPhone on the tripod, setting the timer, and then running back to get in the picture?

And speaking of selfies, you can of course purchase special arms that clip onto your phone, enabling you to position the phone further away while you take your self-portrait.

The ability to take a photo remotely is also important, and many lens kits come with a remote shutter release that connects to your phone meaning that you don’t even have to touch your phone when taking shots, thus preventing camera shake.

And finally, you can also purchase filters for your lens extensions, to filter out certain types of light and produce different effects and feelings with your photography.

Once you have this basic kit together, you are in a position of power. You have a small camera and lens kit with you always to enable you to stop and take photos wherever you are.

Now for some tips. These tips work just as well whether you have these accessories or not. The iPhone camera is actually a superb unit for even professional photographers to use. Why? Because the phone is so portable, that a pro (or amateur) does not have to lug their DSLR around with them. All they need is their phone, and of course the expertise to get the most out of it. Which these tips will help them to do.

Tip #1 – Maybe you already do this, but when using your iPhone for photography, hold it like you would a regular camera. That means in both hands, steady and strong in front of you. And of course, use the screen as your viewfinder, and frame your compositions in exactly the same way as a regular camera.

Tip #2 – Take several photos of the same thing. As with DSLR shooting, you are not limited with the number of shots you can take. This means a series of 5 or 6 shots should yield at least one good shot. Once downloaded on your computer, you’ll properly be able to see which one is the best and then delete the rest.

Tip #3 – If at all possible, do not use your zoom on the iPhone. It is severely limited, and is digitally controlled. What this means is your images will be more pixilated and inferior quality. Need to zoom in? Then simply use your legs and walk closer to your subject.

Tip #4 – Move around and explore different angles for your subject. Because the iPhone is so small, it makes life much easier to look for more interesting angles and takes on your subject. Once again, take advantage of this, and take plenty of shots and find your best shot.

Tip #5 – Ever thought about how dirty your lens gets? Think about where your phone sits most of the time, in your pocket, your bag, laying on the counter and so on. Clean your lens often using a dry lint free cloth, maybe get a cloth for cleaning glasses as they work very well.

Tip #6 – Composition is the key to a successful photo. This is a difficult thing to master, but there are some basic rules you can follow. Things like the rule of thirds, keeping your horizons and verticals square to your frame, and so on. Composition is a complex subject, but essentially you want to try and put balance in your photos. Never shoot with your subject square in the middle, always put them to one side of the photo (rule of thirds), as this makes them more interesting. But of course, rules are there to be broken…






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