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Buying a Pre-Used iPhone 6 or 6 Plus Model is a Great Decision

 Mar 1, 2016    iPhone news & reviews  Buying a Pre-Used iPhone 6 or 6 Plus Model is a Great Decision



Why buy a pre-used iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus?

Pre-used smartphones are subjected to a stereotypical mindset with most people thinking that the phone is defective with severe scratches and nicks on the surface, broken screen, and damaged features. However, it is assuredly not so – pre-used iPhone 6 smartphones are not only of good quality, but their functionality is equally excellent. Here’s why you should consider buying one instead of opting for a brand new version – take a look:


With the advent of iPhone 5, there might have been a huge leap of technology from the iPhone 4 – Apple launched its own mapping software and the iOS upgrade was amazing – the transition to iPhone 6 and 6 Plus hasn’t seen much of a change. Apart from some tweaks and fixes, there is nothing new to gush about, so a pre-used phone seems like a pretty good idea at this point.


Price is an important factor, but it shouldn’t be the only aspect on which you base your final decision. iPhones are high-end models so they will cost you a tidy sum, but a pre-used version is much cheaper than a new one. You get to own an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus and access the same features like those who have bought a new one, while saving some money at the same time.

No Contracts!

What if you wish to change your smartphone for a reason? Or you want to move on to iPhone 6 Plus from iPhone 6? If you are bound in a 24-month contract, there are chances you will end up facing a loss because carriers won’t return any money.  Moreover, paying for a pre-used version is way better than shelling out monthly payments to keep the connection active.

What to expect from a refurbished or pre-used iPhone 6?

Before going ahead with the purchase, we suggest you need to check a few features, so you can be sure of striking a good bargain rather than repenting later on – here goes:


Turn on the camera and click a few pictures using both front and back cameras so you can see the image quality and clarity. You can shoot a small video as well. This is extremely important for those fond of snapping selfies and group pictures with friends and family on a regular basis!

Call Quality

The standard function of any smartphone is to offer seamless connectivity. Insert your SIM card and test the Call facility so you can ensure that the second hand model allows you to place and receive calls without problems. Don’t forget to turn on the speakerphone while on call to check sound quality.


Turn on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to check if the phone detects all the Wi-Fi routers & hotspots and Bluetooth enabled devices in the vicinity. Enable GPS on your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus to ensure if the sensors are working properly.


Test the keypad by typing in a few messages and use all the keystrokes. This is essential to figure out if any particular key area is defective or not. You should be able to use the keypad in a hassle-free manner.

Home Button

You may also want to press home buttons a few times to ensure that it is in proper operating condition.

Tips to remember before buying the iPhone 6

You can’t randomly look up a website and buy your pre-used iPhone 6 without verifying the credibility of the platform. There are 3 ways to go about it – purchase a certified pre-owned iPhone from a reputable seller, bid on a pre-owned version on an auction site like eBay, or give cash for a used iPhone from a local seller on a site like Craigslist. Here are a few pointers:

The right phone for your carrier


No longer is it a simple case of GSM and CDMA phones working on corresponding networks – things have become complex with the introduction of iPhone 5 and LTE. You can swap iPhones between some carriers and network standards, but it is best to opt for the specific iPhone model made for your provider. If the phone was activated on another carrier, you have to unlock it before switching over to your carrier.

Are you sure it is genuine?

This is where the credibility factor plays a significant role. Check using Apple's Activation Lock status tool to find out the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus isn’t stolen – do this before paying someone on eBay or Craigslist. The tool requires the device's IMEI or serial number, so if the seller is legitimate he or she will gladly provide the information.

Can it be activated on your network?

If the Activation Lock is turned off, it is advisable to call the carrier and double check to ensure there is no foul play. Ask the seller for the IMEI or MEID number and then call to be certain that the phone can be activated under your account.

Check for damage

There might be minor scratches on the screen and dents to the casing, but a smashed screen and surface stripped of the polish isn’t what you should expect. Hairline cracks that lead across the screen causes more damage as time passes. There is a Dead Pixel test that can be used to check for dead pixels on the screen. You should also check the water damage indicators – in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the indicator is located inside the SIM card slot – to make sure the phone hasn't been tossed in a pool recently.

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