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iPhone Fault Finding Service

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iPhone problems? Not sure what repair service you need? Try our diagnostic service and we’ll tell you. Once we receive your phone we will run a battery of tests and diagnostics to pin-point the problem. Since every part of your iPhone is interchangable there is no doubt whatever the problem is we can fix your iPhone.

We will then contact you with a detailed quote discussing the necessary repair procedure and the cost of that repair.

The quote will detail the issues that have been found and parts that will need to be replaced or repaired. The choice to complete the repair is completely up to you and if you decide against the repair we will return your phone with no questions asked so there is nothing to lose.

When we take delivery of your iPhone regardless of the repair you have instructed us to carry out, we will check these indicators and inform you if your device has been exposed to water/liquids via email.

If your iPhone has been exposed to moisture, water or any other form of liquid we will identify which part/s have failed and inform you of the additional repair costs. Our success rate is over 80% on water damaged iPhones.

In the event that we cannot repair your iPhone, we will return it to you with nothing more to pay.

PLEASE NOTE: Damage incurred to a iPhone water damaged or submerged phone is wide spread and often unpredictable. Though uncommon, not all water/liquid damaged phones can be repaired and deterioration of its performance and functions can happen over a period of time.