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Get fit and lose weight in the New Year with the help of your iPhone.

 Dec 24, 2015    iPhone tips  iPhone, Get fit, lose weight, apps, training, running

When the New Year is knocking at the door, it is time to put on your best shoes and dance your way to a new beginning. But are you prepared for it? Are you fit and slim to look awesome like celebrities and ramp walkers? If you have not yet got rid of your bulges and extra weight, then it is high time you took measures to get an amazing body that will turn the heads of everybody around.

If you do not have much time to go to the gym or go for regular morning walks and do your fitness exercises, just grab your iPhone and start reducing pounds in the easiest way. You might be wondering how your iPhone can help you to get slim and fit. Well, here is how the amazing gadget can work wonders for you.

Your iPhone is more than a super computer that you hold in your palm and can bring about greatest of changes in your life starting from health, beauty, profession, education and almost everything you can ask for. Today’s iPhones are stuffed with various apps that help you at every step. The apps related to weight loss and fitness are great ways to reduce extra weight and get back to shape and a fit body. These apps are created by developers to help people to reach their ideal weight and good health.

Let us see how these apps work.

  • 1.Exercise Apps: Experts and doctors are of the opinion that exercises are the ideal way to get rid of extra weight and carve out a coveted body. Whether you want the muscular body or the sexy figure, there is nothing better that exercises. But the fitness regimen that you follow must be perfect to get best results. The recommended exercises often include strength training, cardiovascular exercises and others. The workout apps in the iPhones allows users to select their particular exercises according to their requirements and also keep a track of their progress online with the help of their iPhones. Isn’t it convenient? Even a 7-minute workout done with the help of your iPhone provides you with a high-intensity workout. These apps are based on great researches and are therefore considered to be safe and are effective in burning fat and strengthening muscles.
  • 2.Athletes Apps: Those who are into sports and athletics as well as cardio enthusiasts, can choose from a wide variety of iPhone apps that help them to improve their workouts and also keep track of their improvements along with maintaining health.
  • 3.Dieting Apps: Exercises are no doubt extremely effective in reducing weight. But it is not a complete method of staying healthy. You must follow a diet regimen also. The dieting apps in your iPhone guides you according to your health status. It gives you knowledge of how to count the calories and what foods to avoid. Since it is not really easy to keep a track of the calories you consume, the calorie tracker helps you greatly. It reduces your tension of calculating your calorie requirements and offers a chart of how many calories you need according to your weight loss aim. The number depends whether you want to lose weight fast or simply maintain your weight. You can choose from a variety of diet charts and various food items according to your fit needs. This app comes along with a separate section that offers various types of exercises like cardio, strength training and those that target the troubled areas and speed up fat reduction. The tracking app shows the amount of calories burned and thereby motivates users to continue their workout and diet routines to reach their goals.
  • 4.There are some free apps designed especially for those into bodybuilding. These apps provide innumerable exercises that are explained through animation and the methods are also added so that the user of this app in his/her iPhone can search for the specific parts of the body’s muscles that needs to be worked out more or less according to needs. The professional versions can be obtained at a nominal price.
  • 5.The workout trainer is another app that helps you to reduce weight and get ready for the New Year. You will get numerous workouts that you can learn through the audio-visual facilities provided by the apps. It offers great help even to the beginner and anyone trying to get back to shape and trying to stay healthy and fit. There are various packages available of this app and professional trainers along with videos give vocal instructions. Users are free to design their own workouts as well and set reminders on their iPhones or via email, etc.
  • 6.The iFitness app is available in iPhones too that is also divided according to body parts. The specific instructions targeting the exact parts of the body that you want to tone and reduce fat are explicitly given in this app. Customization of the exercises by the users is also available here. Apart from these facilities, this app offers exercise programs created by experienced fitness trainers, weight logs, stop-watch timers and many others. A meager amount is charged for these.
  • 7.In the Remix Workout app, there are hundreds of exercises along with combination of workouts that are more effective in weight loss regimen. You will get audio-video support of instructors like the DVD.
  • 8.The Pocket Yoga app is an amazing app that helps you extensively to know about the yoga poses and the different levels of yoga to get a fit and slim body. The iTreadmill app is highly effective in tracking every step, distance and speed of the user. The pacer dial can be set in your iPhones that controls your speed.

It is really unbelievable that a gadget that can be held in the palm can offer such advantages to lose weight and stay fit especially when the New Year is at hand. For any problems related to your iPhone and repairing and servicing, the best place is iPhonefixed, the iPhone repairs experts in Cardiff.


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