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Great Hallowe’en iPhone Apps

 Oct 23, 2014    iPhone news & reviews

The end of summer and the arrival of Autumn might mean darker mornings and more rain, but it also signals the start of some of the most fun events in the yearly calendar; from huddling around the bonfire and watching fireworks light up the sky on Guy Fawkes night to getting into the festive spirit, there’s certainly a lot to look forward to during the colder months. First up, though is the scariest night of the year; Hallowe’en is less than eight days away, so to celebrate we’ve gathered together some of our favourite freaky iPhone apps. Don’t open them alone!

The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself

We chose our first app partly because of the Hallowe’en related content, but also in celebration of the fact that the new series of the Walking Dead is almost upon us. Fans of the show will already be familiar with the stomach churning gore-fest, and the fact that the zombies look incredibly realistic – and with this app you can turn you and all your friends and family into fellow members of the undead. Simply add a photo of your walker-to-be, and then choose from the huge range of zombie facial features and props; and don’t forget to check out the gallery and vote for your favourite!

True Ghost Stories

If you’re looking for some old fashioned, spooky entertainment for the evening, simply turn down the lights, lock the doors and download the True Ghost Stories iPhone app. Here in the iPhonefixed offices, we’re huge fans of scaring ourselves silly, and even we have to admit that some of these stories are really spine-tingling; submitted by users all over the world, they feature details that are unsettling, unnerving and just downright horrible – and if the stories don’t get you, then the gallery certainly will!


If you want something a little more light hearted and entertaining, you’ll love ZombieSmash; we stumbled across this game while looking for other apps featuring the undead, and found ourselves thoroughly addicted. (In fact, there’s actually a bit of a top-score war going on in the iPhonefixed offices at the moment.) Starring as main character Joey, a lone survivor in a post-zombie-apocolyptic world, you must defend the castle and defeat the undead using a variety of tools, from a good old fashioned rolling boulder to the more scientific liquid nitrogen. We will warn you, though, this app is incredibly addictive – so don’t expect to be incredibly productive once you’ve downloaded it!

Ghost Radar

If you’ve ever fancied yourself as the next big ghost hunter, this is the app for you; using various forms of measurement, Ghost Radar attempts to record and log any presence of paranormal activity – perfect for working out whether those creaks and bumps really are just the pipes and the heating, or whether it could indicate the presence of something more sinister….


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