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iPad Model Numbers

Each Apple device has its own model number.  The model numbers for the iPad can be found printed on the back of the device.

iPad 1st Gen:    A1219, A1337 

     iPad 2nd Gen:   A1395, A1396, A1397 

iPad 3rd Gen:   A1416, A1430, A1403

iPad 4th Gen:   A1458, A1459, A1460

iPad 5th Gen:  A1822, A1823

iPad 6th Gen:  A1893, A1954

     iPad Air:          A1474, A1475

     iPad Air 2:       A1566, A1567

     iPad Air 3:       A2152, A2123, A2153

iPad Mini 1:     A1474

iPad Mini 2:     A1566

iPad Mini 3:      A1599

iPad Mini 4:      A1538