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Be Different. Get an iPhone Colour Change and Stand Out by iPhonefixed.

 Jan 19, 2015    iPhone accessories  iPhone colour change, iPhone colour swap, iPhone, iPhonefixed


iPhone colour change or swap


Bored with how your iPhone looks? Made the wrong decision when you bought the white one, but really should have gone for the black? Or you’ve smashed your screen, and wonder what to do with it? At the time of signing, those two year contracts you’re locked into don’t seem that long, especially as you’re getting your new phone. It’s novel and exciting at the time, but after a few months, it’s old hat and you take it for granted.

Well, have you thought about an iPhone colour swap? With iPhonefixed.co.uk there is a wide range of colours available to spruce up your phone.

Most people tend to explore this option if they’ve broken the screen or have another issue with it. After all, you’ve got the thing apart, why not change the colour and make it more interesting while you’re at it?

The iPhone colour change can be performed on the latest couple of iPhone generation, namely the fourth and fifth generations.

There is a variety of different colours to choose from. Baby blue is novel and will appeal to the ladies. Electro blue should appeal to most people, and makes it look very different and stand out from the crowd. Other colours include orange, pink, purple, silver, and of course black and white.

It is a very good way to make your phone stand out so it doesn’t get mixed up with someone else. This is especially important if you have a household of iPhone users. The standard black or white phones can be tricky to tell apart, and you will normally have to switch on to find out who it belongs too. The simple colour change makes it easy to quickly identify who’s phone is who’s and thus stop any potential mix ups.

The iPhone colour change can also be done if you have a broken screen. If you’re sending it into iPhonefixed.co.uk anyway for a new screen, why not get the colour changed at the same time?

And the colour changes aren’t limited to the front only. The back colour too can be changed. And the back colour doesn’t have to be the same as the front, so you can mix and match if you like.

The iPhone colour change service with iPhonefixed is quick and you will be able to track the progress of your phone undergoing this change. This gives you an excellent idea as to how long it will take to get your new and personal phone back.