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Is the iPhone 6 Plus Bend a Major Problem?

 Oct 12, 2014    iPhone news & reviews

With the new iPhones just recently launched, there’s the normal attacks by Android users jumping on any signs of weakness or inferiority compared to the Android phones. The clamour of Samsung Note users saying the iPhone 6 Plus is at the same level as the Note was back in 2012 is one such example. The latest scare is over the 6 Plus and the issue of bending. Consumers are worried it’s easy to bend and break, while Apple are defending their product saying it’s not an issue that should occur in normal use. But who is right? Is there an issue with the 6 Plus and bending?

The simple answer is, yes. It can bend. But so can the Note. So can the Galaxy. So can the HTC. If you treat anything badly, you can most likely bend or break it.

Many consumers put their phones in their rear pockets, and this is where the bending claims have come from. The simple solution seems to be not to put your phone in your rear pocket. It’s not a great place to put it anyway. Firstly, it can be stolen easily. Pick pocketers will grab the phone in a second given an opportunity. Secondly, having it in your rear pocket means you could easily forget about it and sit on it. Not a great idea.

There are many solutions to prevent your iPhone from being bent. The first is to carry it in a protective case that is clipped to your belt. Second, you could put a tough slimline case on it to help prevent any bending that occurs.
Or perhaps the most effective method you could employ is to carefully screw a thick slab of wood to your iPhone 6 Plus, and that would certainly stop it from bending!

But seriously, it really all comes down to how you care for your phone. Despite the “bendgate” scandal, Apple claim they only had 10 complaints in the first weekend after the launch where customers complained about bending. That’s not very many considering the millions of units sold.

Several independent agencies have also investigated the claims, and performed tests comparing to the bendability of competitors phones. The results weren’t too disastrous.

Check out this video at the bottom of this link to see that Apple didn’t fare too badly against other phones:


But the bottom line is to treat your phone with care and keep it out of any potential hazardous situations. Prevention is always better than cure.

If you do have a bent iPhone, or an iPhone in need of repair, look no further than iPhonefixed for all your iPhone hardware solutions.


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