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No sapphire screen for the iPhone 6 – so what protection options are there?

 Nov 10, 2014    iPhone news & reviews

The main difference between sapphire glass and the regular variety that makes up other iPhone screens is that it’s thought to be way tougher; scratch-proof, shatter-proof and almost indestructible, it seemed like it was on the cards for a few months. However, once the iPhone 6 was released, it became apparent that Apple had changed their minds, and instead opted to stick with chemically reinforced Gorilla Glass. So, no extra-safe screen then – but don’t panic; if you’ve just managed to get your hands on one of the brand new iPhone 6 models, there are a few ways to make sure your screen stays in pristine condition.

If your main worry is the screen itself, nothing is going to protect your iPhone 6 like a full case; there are a whole heap of different cases made from materials such as leather, fabric and recycled plastics which often also incorporate pockets and compartments for small items like loose change and headphones. If you don’t want something that bulky, a bumper case is a great alternative but doesn’t actually cover the screen itself; usually made from plastic or rubber, it protects your iPhone if you drop it, and making it less likely to bounce onto the front and shatter the screen. If you’re looking for something infallible, your best bet is to combine a bumper case with a screen protector; these are clever little gadgets which fit over the front of your iPhone and are literally like a second screen. They come in all shapes and sizes, and are usually made of toughened, flexible glass which help to protect the screen without affecting the quality of the display – they also often have added features such as anti-glare.

If all your precautionary methods do happen to fail, and you find yourself clutching an iPhone with a cracked screen – firstly, don’t panic. Although a cracked, smashed or chipped screen looks awful and irreparable, it hardly ever is; there’s not a lot our fantastic team of technicians can’t fix, and through using a winning combination of the latest repair techniques and the best spare parts, they’ll soon have your iPhone back to its usual self in no time. If you do decide to opt for our screen repair package, simply choose the option from the drop down menu at the top of the page, or get in touch via email or telephone to find out more.


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