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Selecting the Best iPhone, iPad, and Smartphone Repair Company

 Jan 14, 2016    iPhone news & reviews  Selecting the Best iPhone, iPad, and Smartphone Repair Company, iPhone repairs selecting, choosing a smartphone repair company

Smart devices like iPhone, iPad or Samsung are loaded with extremely advanced features – new versions are released every few months and they only get better! However, it doesn’t make them immune to issues like malfunctioning volume controls, water damage, battery problems, and so on.

Why opt for third party companies for smart gadgets repair?

It is advisable not to attempt a DIY repair as you might end up damaging the delicate components because as a layman, you aren’t equipped with sufficient knowledge to deal with the problem. But then again, if your warranty has expired, both repairs and replacements can end up costing a hefty amount. The economical and lucrative solution is to search for an independent repair company located where you reside or in the near vicinity. They specialize in different types of smartphone repair, and can return your gadget intact and good as new!

What can you expect from a reputed establishment?

Here are a few parameters to keep in mind while choosing a particular company for iPhone, iPad, and other smart devices repairs:

Reviews - Sometimes it is good to form an impression based on what other people say. Check the company’s listing in local directories and find out what past customers have written about their services. It is important to consider both positive and negative feedback and then make an informed choice. Credible businesses usually have a website, so you can visit and browse through their services, rates, etc. Call and talk to a company rep if you need further convincing.

Quality of Components - You wouldn’t want to send your phone to a repair company only to find out weeks later that they used inferior parts. Always enquire where the parts are being sourced. Reputable companies won’t compromise over a few pounds when it comes to procuring premium quality parts.

Warranty – Reliable establishments will not just use proper components during repair, but also provide warranties regarding their services and defects in workmanship. The time span of warranties could differ depending on which company you opt for, but one is offered nevertheless. It is best to ask what specifics are covered under it.

Pricing – While it is a vital point, it shouldn’t be the sole deciding factor on whether you should engage the services of a particular company. Prices are usually listed on the website and/or their social media pages, so you could take a peek. Rates could vary depending on where you are situated, but the going rates should be more or less steady. If they quote ridiculously low rates for repairing high-end smart devices from Apple and Samsung, please steer clear as there might be foul play involved. To put in a nutshell, too-good-to-be-true prices typically indicate poor service quality, less chances of warranty on the work done, and inferior parts being used.

Speed – While minor repairs could be completed in an hour or two, major ones might require a 24-hour turnaround time. If a company is providing a time frame of a few days for ordinary repairs, don’t even think about leaving your phone or tablet there! Replacements generally take a couple of days or more, depending on how fast they can get access to a suitable and top quality component.

Why select iPhonefixed as your repair company?

iPhonefixed is one of the most well-known and first iPhone repair companies in the UK, which perfectly matches the criteria mentioned above. Based in Cardiff, South Wales, they have excellent expertise in all kinds of repairs, after honing their skills for more than 6 years. Here’s what they offer:

Convenient Services

Walk-in – Book a repair reservation online or just call and come to the facility directly and deposit your smartphone with relevant details. You can wait till it is repaired as most standard jobs take an hour, but if the queue is too long or you have to be elsewhere, just leave it with the technicians and collect it later at a date and time of your choice.

Mail-in – If you live outside of one of our walk-in repair locations, you can book the repair required online and mail the device to us.Most repairs will be completed and returned with 24 hours.More complicated repairs will take a little longer.We have done 1000’s of repairs this way from all over Europe.

Cycle courier pick up and drop off – This service is only available in the Cardiff area but more locations will be available in the coming year.Call and arrange the time and date in advance to use this service. Enclose the smart device in a protective pouch, write the words “iPhonefixed Collection” on the outside and wait for the cycle courier to pick it up. For an additional fee, the device can be collected, repaired, and returned on the same day depending upon the complexity of damage. You will be updated if the work takes longer than 24 hours. The same day service is available in selected areas only.

Premium Grade Parts

They use original graded Apple parts during repair. If those aren’t available, alternatives of the highest quality are sourced from reputable manufacturers. iPhonefixed always insists on authenticity.


The company vouches for and stands behind the work done – a one-year warranty is provided on all kinds of repairs, regardless of whether they are common or major.

Customer Feedback

If you check out their listings on a variety of platforms like Trustpilot, Google reviews, Yelp!, and so on, you will find glowing reviews and recommendations by prior customers who have used and are content with the services received.

User-friendly Website

It is easy to visit the website, choose if you want a “walk-in” or “mail-in”, and navigate seamlessly to complete the order. All prices and other details are listed clearly – services rates are fixed so they are at par with competitive pricing strategies, but are affordable at the same time.

Customer Service

It is truly commendable because they go out of the way to get the job as quickly as possible so you don’t get scope for complaints. Every customer is treated and prioritized equally.

Green Initiative

Last but not the least, this is a “green” firm that believes in protecting the environment, so all broken parts and other supplies are reused or recycled – this is of immense help to Mother Nature!

If you live in or around Cardiff, UK, and are in need of a smartphone repair company, iPhonefixed should definitely be your very first choice. For further details, please get in touch with them via phone or email.


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