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Sell My iPhone Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before deciding to sell us your iPhone(s).  You should understand that by agreeing for us (iPhonefixed) to purchase your iPhone(s), you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

When selling a iPhone(s), we recommend you take note of your IMEI number in case there is a problem with your order. Your IMEI number can be found at the back of your phone under the battery or by typing in *#06#

About us

We use the trade names “iPhonefixed”.

The iPhone(s) purchase and recycling process is provided by iPhonefixed.

Registered address: 

Saint Line House 

Mount Stuart Square 


CF10 5LR


Your device - iPhone

Each iPhone sold by you should meet the following conditions:

1. The device must turn on and off.

2. The device must be fully functional and complete.

3. The battery must be included.

4. The device must not be crushed or liquid-damaged.

5. The device must be original and meet the manufacturer’s original specifications.

Grading the iPhones

No iPhone is ever the same so grading does vary from model to model, depending on the damage and condition.

To receive the full indicative value for your iPhone, it must power-up (turn on) and be in full working condition (meaning that all features must be in good working order) and must not have significant damage (although may have some mild cosmetic damage i.e. general minor wear and tear).

By way of example only, damage classed as significant includes broken or cracked LCD screens; camera function not working or camera damage; buttons missing from the mobile phone/device or other keypad damage; deep scratches or dents; snapped hinges; charger port not working; microphone damage; earpiece damage; cracked backs; missing parts; no power on; touch screen faults; cracked or damaged screens; or software which is faulty or defective. Mobile phones/devices must have batteries enclosed within the mobile phone/device casing; not be barred; PIN locked or water damaged; appear in our online guide; be of UK specification; and not be reported lost or stolen. The list is not exhaustive. When we inspect or test your mobile phone/device, we will not pay as much as the original, indicative value if we find that your iPhone does not comply with all these conditions.

If you have a PIN or Password on the iPhone, you should remove this before coming to see us.


Prices offered are subject to change at any time without notice. iPhone values may change from day to day which means that if you check the value of your iPhone on any given day but do not accept the offer, you may be given a different value for the same iPhone at a later time. This does not affect any other provisions in these terms and conditions.

Any special offers on iPhone values are subject to particular terms which we may impose and may be varied or withdrawn at any time and without notice. The value given and payments are made in pounds sterling. Each iPhone is processed separately even if included in a multiple iPhone sales order.

iPhonefixed will have the final decision on all device values.

Testing for incorrect information

We test each iPhone for compliance with our terms and conditions. We also check that the iPhone is not red flagged (see below) according to CheckMEND details. Tests are carried out prior to and are the conditions for, payment. We may stipulate additional tests as we reasonably determine.

As iPhones can look similar, customers sometimes incorrectly identify them. If we find that the model you gave us is not as referred to, we will value it for the actual model it is.

We also test the device for the network it is locked to. In some cases, your device will receive a reduction if you have selected the incorrect network referred to us.

Testing for damage

We offer a value for a damaged iPhones but we are not obliged to do so nor purchase any damaged iPhone

If we determine your iPhone  is damaged, we may, at our discretion, pay for the damaged iPhone. The value of the  iPhone will take account of the damage and or faults.

In some cases, values will be zero if the iPhone is beyond economical repair or have multiple faults (e.g. water damage and cracked LCD screen).

A value will only be given once the iPhone has been tested or inspected. You can decide whether to continue with the revised value sale or whether to decline it.

We do not accept iPhones in pieces or parts.

Red Flagged mobile phones/devices

We will check the status of all iPhones received against the National CheckMEND database (using the unique IMEI number).

If your iPhone is found to have a red flag by CheckMEND, it must be quarantined for 28 days whilst its status is reviewed. The mobile phone/device will have a red flag if it has been registered as lost, stolen or barred/blocked on the CheckMEND database.

If you are advised that your iPhone has a red flag against it, you will need to contact CheckMEND in order to review the status of your device.  The purpose of the quarantine period is to allow the rightful owner the opportunity to have the red flag removed in order that the device can be processed appropriately.

If we become aware of any issues you will be required to co-operate with the authorities and we reserve the right to withhold or cancel the payment.

‘Activation Locked’ or 'iCloud locked' devices

If we discover that the iPhone is Activation or iCloud locked and the owner is unable to remove these conditions, we will return the device, and the sale will not progress and our agreement will terminate.


When we receive your iPhone, we will check that it is complete, and that it meets our terms and conditions. Providing it does, we will  process the payment.

Under no circumstances will payment be dispatched before we receive and process your iPhone.

Payment is in accordance with the method you select either cash sterling or BACS.  Once the payment has been processed it is no longer changeable.

Payment processing depends on third parties which we do not control. For payment by  BACS payments, a bank. We will not be liable for delay in your receipt of payment as a result of third party action or inaction.



By selling the iPhone to us, you warrant that:

1. You are resident in Great Britain or Northern Ireland;

2. You are accessing our site from that country;

3. You are at least 18 years old; or

4. If you are under 18 years of age, that you have obtained your parent’s or guardian’s consent to sell your iPhone to us for the sum agreed.

You and your parents or guardians release us of any liabilities or claims that may arise if you send the phone to us in breach of this warranty. If you deal as a consumer any provision of this contract which is of no effect to a consumer shall not apply. Your statutory rights are not affected by this contract. For the purposes of these terms and conditions, "consumer" means an individual who neither makes this contract in the course of a business, nor holds himself out as doing so, as defined by the Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977.

Please note:

1. You are responsible for cancelling any airtime contract linked to each handset. We are not responsible for any call costs arising before, or after, receipt of your device, or arising from any other circumstances whatsoever.

2. Please remove SIM cards before sending us your iPhone. Any SIM cards received by us will be destroyed, and so obviously cannot be returned. (We will dispose of them appropriately.) We accept no liability in the event that any phone that has been sent with its SIM card is lost and charges are then incurred. You shall continue to be responsible for such charges.

3. Please ensure all personal data is removed from devices before handing them to iPhonefixed. This includes but is not limited to all personal details, SMS, photos, videos, games, songs or other data. iPhonefixed will not accept responsibility for the security, protection, confidentiality or use of such data. By handing us your device to us you agree to release us from all and any losses, claims or damages with respect to the data enclosed or stored therein or on any media used in conjunction with the device.

4. To delete data from your iPhone please follow the instructions below:

1. From standby select Menu > Settings > General > Reset

2. Select Erase All Content and Settings

3. Press Erase iPhone

4. Press Erase iPhone

Handset will switch off and restart. This may take several minutes. Please do not switch handset off during reset.

Our Liability And Risk

If we fail to comply with these terms and conditions, we are responsible for loss or damage you suffer that is a foreseeable result of our breach of these terms and conditions or our negligence, but we are not responsible for any loss or damage that is not foreseeable. Loss or damage is foreseeable if they were an obvious consequence of our breach or if they were contemplated by you and us at the time we entered into this contract.

We only supply our services and purchase iPhone 'device' for consumers and we have no liability to you for any loss of profit, loss of business, business interruption, loss of business opportunity, loss of data; loss of use of money; losses which you incur as a result of a failure by you to comply with your obligations under these terms and conditions, including without limitation, third party charges which are raised for your account as a result of a failure to adhere to your obligations regarding removal of SIM cards and other data..

We do not exclude or limit in any way our liability for:

• death or personal injury caused by Our negligence or the negligence of Our employees, agents or subcontractors;

• fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation;

• breach of the terms implied by section 2 of the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 (title and quiet possession); and

• breach of the terms implied by sections 3, 4 and 5 of the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 (description, satisfactory quality, fitness for purpose and samples).

You must own all rights, title and interests in any device(s) that you sell to us. Ownership of the device(s) will only pass to us when we receive the devices, in accordance with these terms and conditions, and we have dispatched payment to you. iPhone/devices will remain at your risk until we have issued payment for the mobile phone/device.

Events Outside Of Our Control

We will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of our obligations under a contract that is caused by events outside our reasonable control or due to our compliance with any applicable laws or regulations.

Updated March 2018