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Some Little Known iPhone Tips

 Nov 13, 2014    iPhone tips

Firstly, here’s a neat typing tip. Did you know that if you double tap the spacebar, it will automatically end the sentence for you with a period, insert a space, and be ready for you to start typing the next sentence. Although it’s still two taps, it means that you don’t need to move from the period to the spacebar. Fantastic for speed texters.

And what about Siri? While she’s pretty good at many things, sometimes her pronunciation is a little off. If she gets a word wrong, just say “that’s not how you pronounce [insert word here].” She will then ask you how to pronounce the word, enabling you to teach her. She’ll get it right next time.

What if your iPhone has little charge, but you need it to charge quicker than it normally takes? This little known tip is rather obvious when you think about it. All you need to do is simply turn Airplane mode on, and your phone will charge much quicker. If you need a super quick charge, turn your phone off completely, and watch it speed charge.

Do you have phrases that you use often? Ever thought about the possibility of setting up a shortcut to them? Simply go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Add New Shortcut and then enter the word or phrase. When you type in a text or email, as you type the letters of the phrase, it will automatically appear. For example, ‘Oh my god’ can be shortened to ‘omg’.

When typing a domain name in Safari, after the name of the site, hold down the period button, and a list of domain name extensions will appear. Click on the one you want.

Ever wondered when you sent or received certain texts? Go to the conversation and then click and hold any of the conversation, and slide to the left. The time and date of the text will then slide across.

Ever wonder what planes are flying overhead and where they’re off to? Siri does. Just ask her “what flights are overhead?” She’ll tell you.

These are just a few of some of the less known tricks and tips with the iPhone. We have plenty more on our website over at iPhonefixed.co.uk. Why don’t you head over and read more?



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