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Did the King Get it Wrong this Time?

 Oct 13, 2014    iPhone news & reviews

There was once a time when Apple had a king, and his kingdom dominated all before him. Whatever this king said, went, and all the other kingdoms around could only copy what he did, as they scrambled to oust him from top spot.

Slowly and surely, the competition began to catch up, and even overtake in some areas. The arch rival, Samsung had launched what would become a big game changer, the Samsung Galaxy Note. This phone was so large, it coined the term phablet, because it was larger than a regular phone, but still smaller than a tablet. It led to Steve Jobs famously saying 'no one's going to buy a big phone,' and he went on record saying that Apple would never follow suit.

This was four years ago, and this time has seen Samsung leapfrog Apple in sales, thanks mainly to the Galaxy series, but also the Note. Apple were being left behind as consumers began to prefer larger phones because of the increased screen size, and Apple were still stuck with small screens.

Steve Jobs died, and a year later, Apple launched the iPhone 5 with a slightly larger screen, despite Job’s original statement of no big phones. Then, in the autumn of 2014, Apple finally succumbed and launched direct competition to the Galaxy series, with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The reaction to consumers was immense. Millions queued before launch, and millions bought the new phones. The large screen iPhones were a massive hit.

What does this mean about Steve Jobs’ original statement about Apple never increasing the screen size? Simply, he was wrong on this occasion. As someone with such vision, it is surprising that he didn’t envision this step in evolution of smart phones. But no one can be right all the time.

It is interesting to see what would have happened had Steve Jobs still been alive. Would he, himself, have gone back on those words to oversee this new generation of phone? What differences would there have been had he produced a larger phone? Would there have been any new ideas that only he had in mind? We will never know. But for now, what we have is part of the legacy of Steve Jobs. The iPhone is the most successful smart phone ever and has just taken a new leap in its own journey.

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