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The Best Headphones for Under 30 Quid

 Nov 7, 2014    iPhone accessories

The headphones that come with most iPhones are the bud type, and while they work well, they are not everyone’s cup of tea. Many find earbuds intrusive or uncomfortable, and seek headphones that sit over your ears, providing more comfort, and cancel out external noise too. iPhonefixed.co.uk has decided to review three headphones, all for under 30 pounds, and offers readers a great chance to win a set at the end of this article.

Sony MDR-ZX100 Outdoor Headband Headphones.



Sony MDR-ZX100 Heaphones

These headphones are well under the 30 pound limit, being available on Amazon for just under 20 pounds. They are lightweight, comfortable, and have a good frequency range (12Hz to 22kHz).
Being manufactured by Sony, even at this low price, you should always expect good quality, and the MDR-ZX100 do not disappoint. On the iPhone, they sound great, with plenty of bass, and a tempered treble make for easy listening.
They are very comfortable, lightweight, and insulate against external noise well. For the price, they are exceptional value from a top name brand.

Thomson WHP3001BK Wireless Headphones.



Thomson WHP3001BK

For a smidgen under 30 pounds, you can own this set of wireless headphones which have a 100 metre range and built in volume control. This set of headphones is perfect if you want to be free of wire, and just want to put your iPhone down and go entirely hands free. A base unit plugs into the 3.5mm iPhone jack and transmits the signal to the headphones, wherever you are in the house.
Once again, these headphones are lightweight, extremely comfortable and provide you with a lot of freedom to move about without wires getting in the way.

JVC Xtreme Xplosives - HA-MR55X-E On-Ear Headphones.


JVC Xtreme Xplosives - HA-MR55X-E On-Ear Headphones

These funky looking headphones offer so much more than simply enabling you to listen to your tunes. Featuring one of the deepest bass sounds you’ll find on any budget headphone, they also offer a crisp, clear sound for the rest of the frequency ranges, giving an excellent all round performance.
They are also comfortable to wear for long periods of time, with soft padded ear pieces and headband.
They come with a remote control, mic, and even a smart switch that is compatible with the majority of smart phones, and also a gold plated slim plug for iPhone compatibility.

All three headphones are available for under 30 quid. Each offers its own unique advantages, and really depends on your own usage requirements as to which one you would need to opt for. But all give excellent sound quality with comfortable wearing over long periods of time. What else would you need?

As a special bonus, comment on this article below, and iPhonefixed.co.uk will select at random, one comment/person to win the set of headphones we deem the best from this article. Get commenting now for a chance to win!


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