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iPhonefixed – The Saviour of the iPhone 5s Screen.

 Nov 7, 2014    iPhone news & reviews


iPhonefixed – The Saviour of the iPhone 5s Screen

While it seems that the iPhone 5s was only released last month, it’s actually been over a year since it made its way into shops and online retailers. We’ve since seen the arrival of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, and the iPhone 5s is now officially old news – but that doesn’t automatically mean you’re going to race to update your handset, and anyone who’s happy with their existing phone is obviously going to want to keep it in tip top condition. So if disaster strikes and you find yourself with a cracked or smashed screen, don’t despair – iPhonefixed are only a phone call away and will use their top techniques to restore your iPhone to its original, shiny self. Phew!

There’s no better feeling that opening the box to a brand new iPhone; shiny, unscratched, perfect – it’s like a little piece of technology heaven. We all do it; the first time we our pick our handsets up, we vow to never drop, tread on or lose them – and then weeks or months later it ends up in a puddle, down the toilet or as the victim of an unfortunate meeting with the path. If this has happened to you, rather than waving your fists in the air and weeping, simply get in touch with the team at iPhonefixed – after all, that’s what we’re here for!

With every new iPhone model that’s released, the team here at iPhonefixed update their technical skills and make sure they’re completely up to do with any new iPhone repair techniques; we like to keep on top of our game so we can provide you with the best quality and best priced repairs. We’ve got an extensive range of services for the iPhone 5s, including our hugely popular iPhone 5s screen repairs; if you’ve been left staring at a screen which has been cracked, chipped, scratched or shattered, you might be thinking that it’s a complete write off, but you’d be wrong.

Using a winning combination of sophisticated repairs techniques and the best quality spare parts, we remove your old screen and replace it with a brand new one to bring your iPhone back to life; not only that but we add both a new digitiser and retina display to ensure your view is as crisp and colourful as it was in the beginning. We also pride ourselves on using only the very best spare parts – while other companies might offer cheaper repairs, it’s pretty much a given that they’re using sub-standard parts to be able to afford to do this.

We only ever put original Apple parts or high quality alternatives into our customers’ phones, and everything is fully guaranteed – so you can be sure that your iPhone 5s will continue to work properly for years after the repair.


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