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There’s an App that Comes with That

 Dec 21, 2014    iPhone tips

Phone calls, games, utitlity apps, and social media. That’s what the majority of iPhone users utilise their iPhones for. They are essentially a small mobile computer, and offer so much flexibility and fun and use. Naturally, manufacturers have taken this to heart, and while producing their products, have incorporated the powerful application of the iPhone (and Android devices). This provides a greater user experience on these products, while generating easier to use interfaces and bonus features. There are many different applications for the smart phone, from home security, to drone flying. This article looks at a few of these applications, and hopefully will whet the appetite to explore and further your own iPhone use.

If you have any products where you use your iPhone alongside them, feel free to contact us or comment below to help us create a larger catalogue of iPhone uses with other products.


Drones are the latest must have gadget. They enable you to fly around your area, and video and photograph your surroundings. They are a lot of fun, and the majority of them allow you to control the unit using your iPhone. This gives you a full video image on the screen of your phone, helping you to direct the drone to where you want it to go.

Apart from being a lot of fun, you can use it to fly over your business and take exciting aerial shots of where you work, and add the feed to your website.


Most security systems nowadays provide you with the way to log onto your home security system, and not only view what’s going on at home, but take control of the cameras too. More advanced systems let you control the lights remotely, and even allow you to turn your heating or air-conditioning off and on.


Similar to a security system, you can get pet monitoring systems so you can keep an eye on your pet while you are away from home. Some pet monitoring systems also allow you use your iPhone to dispense dog food, and let you communicate with your pet, calming them down if need be.

Smart TVs

Closer to home, your iPhone will be able to be hooked up to any smart TV, or TV with something like Chromecast attached to it. This makes it very easy to stream content to your TV, without having to use the rather clunky TV remote to scroll and search for things to watch.

These are just a few of the many ways that manufacturers are using the iPhone to link up with their products to use them. In most cases, all you need to do is to download the app specified in the product instructions, link it to the device, and away you go.


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