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Uses for an Old iPhone

 Nov 23, 2014    iPhone tips

The iPhone is perhaps the most used smart phone on the market. Its uses when it works are legendary. Anything from a torch, to a GPS navigator, to a games machine, to a social network device, and even a phone! But so many iPhones are laying to waste in a drawer somewhere. Perhaps it’s not functioning properly, or maybe you’ve upgraded and no longer need it. Isn’t this a waste? It’s still a valuable item with potential to continue doing a job. So what can you do with an old iPhone?


1 Sell It

Perhaps the most obvious answer. You don’t need it, so sell it. There’s many ways you can get cash for it, via ebay, craigslist, local listings etc, or perhaps a friend wants it. You’ll get hard cash to put towards your next phone or something else.

2 Trade It

When upgrading, you may get a discount from your provider if you trade it in. This is the easiest way to get rid of it.

3 Leave it in the Drawer

Yep, do nothing with it. Leave it there, and keep it as your backup phone. If anything happens to your new phone, then at least you’ll have some back up while your new one is being fixed or replaced.

4 Donate It

Feeling generous? Donate it to a good cause. There’s always someone in need, and there are many charities out there that you can send your phone to for them to hand on to a person in need.

5 Sound System

The iPhone has one of the best music management systems and sound output quality on any smart phone. There’s a stack of amplifier and speaker systems that you can buy that are dedicated to it. Set your phone and system up, and you can play your music in your home.

6 Car Entertainment System

Likewise, you can use it in your car. If you have a Bluetooth car radio, or a radio with a wired input, you can again load all your music onto your old iPhone and use it in your car.

7 Give it to Your Kids

This is a perfect “toy” for them. You can download via wi-fi many games and apps that can keep them occupied for many hours. Perfect for long car rides and the like.


8 Security Camera

There’s many apps you can download where you can set your phone up as a security cam and keep an eye on your home such as the Manything home security app which turns your iPhone into a security camera.

And if your old iPhone not working at all, there may still be hope for it. Head over to iPhonefixed, and speak with a consultant and see if they can resurrect it, giving it a new lease of life and put it to use in any of the above scenarios, or finding one of your own.


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