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We Now Buy Your Old or Broken iPhone at iPhonefixed!

 Jun 6, 2018    iPhone news & reviews  sell iphone cardiff, sell my iphone fast cash cardiff, buy my iPhone cardiff

It happens every year. The newest iPhone comes out and we get excited about the new features. When it’s announced we think, “maybe I’ll get it at some point”. But then we start to see the new phones in person, we see their awesome features in action, and we start to look at our current iPhones with a tinge of disappointment in our eyes. This is just one of the many reasons where being able to your iPhone fast with iPhonefixed in Cardiff comes into play!

Buying  your used or broken iPhones is a new service offered by iPhonefixed. As the name entails, we previously mostly focused on fixing peoples’ iPhones at fair and competitive prices. However, we noticed that there was a hole in the market for buying peoples’ old iPhones and we decided that we should fill that hole. With iPhonefixed, which is located in Cardiff, you can sell your iPhone fast. But that’s not even the best feature of our service!

What makes selling your iPhone to iPhonefixed in Cardiff the best option?

Selling your used or broken iPhone is not a new idea. iPhones are constantly on the market. However, the places to put used and broken iPhones on the market aren’t particularly easy to use. With iPhonefixed, you don’t need to worry about writing up a detailed listing or finding the perfect buyer. Our service is easy to use. With just a few clicks of a button and a little bit of information from you, your iPhone is as good as sold!

Beyond being easy to use and a great way to sell your iPhone for cash fast (especially with us being local in Cardiff), we also offer competitive pricing for your old iPhone. That sets us apart from other companies that buy up old iPhones because they often give out as low of a payment as possible. We pay more than other companies in the UK that are specialized in phone buying; including Mazuma Mobile and Envirofone. So, if you’re looking to find somebody to buy your iPhone in Cardiff, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ve mentioned buying  your used iPhones and old broken iPhones, but we haven’t yet mentioned what may be the best part! AppleCare only covers one year of protection on your iPhone. Then you’re left with a choice to purchase a costly extension to its coverage or purchase your own insurance plan on it. These aren’t desirable options, and repairs on iPhones can be very costly as well. As such, iPhones break. Selling them isn’t easy. Who wants a broken iPhone? The good news is: we do. You can sell your iPhone broken or in working condition for cash at our location in Cardiff!

Why not just throw it away?

There’s one option that is arguably the easiest. That’s throwing your old or broken iPhone away. This is an option that is taken especially by those who can afford to grab the newest iPhone model as soon as it drops. It’s easy to understand why. But what a lot of people don’t know is that throwing your old phone away, or any electronics really, is incredibly bad for the environment and potentially bad for you, as well.

Our electronics contain a lot of components. Some of the materials in these components are arsenic, lead, and cadmium. The issue with throwing these away is that they end up in a landfill. Eventually as the earth reclaims some of our rubbish, or simply through rainwater runoff, these harmful elements seep into the surrounding ecosystem and contaminate it. Contamination of arsenic, lead, and cadmium has numerous severe effects on plant life, animal life, and water. When these groups are contaminated, those harmful elements make their way into our systems as well and cause a slew of bad health problems.

The health and wellness of ourselves and the earth isn’t the only concern with throwing your phone away, though. Throwing your phone away leaves it open for anybody to take. Even wiping your phone clean can still not clear all of your data out of it. By throwing your phone in the rubbish, you’re potentially leaving yourself at risk for some of your sensitive data to get out there in the hands of somebody who you don’t want to have it. It’s just not worth the risk. With iPhonefixed in Cardiff, it’s just as easy to find somebody to buy your iPhone!

We take broken and old iPhones off peoples’ hands every day. Our customers love our service because it’s fast, easy, and because we offer fair payment. So, if you have an old or broken iPhone kicking around that you want to get rid of, so you can upgrade to a newer, better phone… contact us today!


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