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Who should you trust with your iPhone repairs?

 Sep 1, 2017    iPhone tips  Who should you trust with your iPhone repairs?

It’s a terrible fear for many of us. Your iPhone accidentally breaks and you’re now facing the costly repairs and long lines at the Apple store. However, there are a lot of places in Cardiff, or your town, advertising iPhone repairs. How do you know who you should trust with your expensive device?

This is a tricky situation. On one hand, iPhone repairs aren’t particularly difficult. On another, there are new sensors in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 that make repairs more tricky, especially iPhone screen repairs which are the most common issue with iPhones, and this error can also add a layer of risk that wasn’t there before. You need to know that you can trust the service that is offering you repairs before you hand your phone over. How do you do this?

The business record tells all. If a small repair shop, such as iPhonefixed in Cardiff Bay, has been in business for a while, you know that they likely haven’t had many instances where people have had problems with their service. Or, if they have, the company has likely rectified it in a way that ended with a satisfied customer. Satisfied customers are what keep businesses in, well… business! If the company you’re looking at to fix your phone is relatively new or has a rocky history with opening and closing or re branding, it’s a sure sign that you should take your business elsewhere.

With that said, another obvious way to filter out the bad or not good enough repair shops from the ones you can trust is through reviews. Reviews are everything these days. Wherever you get them, whether it be Facebook or somewhere like Trust pilot, reviews by real people let you know that others are trusting this service and give you a good indication that it’s safe for you to trust them too. iPhonefixed, the repair shop that we mentioned previously, is rated #1 in the UK on Trust pilot for their phone repairs service. That’s a huge green flag that says that such a company is going to be reliable. The fact that their iPhone repair service in Cardiff also comes with a 365 day warranty also speaks volumes to how trustworthy they are as a company. If they can trust their work enough to give you your money back, you can probably trust it too.

There are a lot of misconceptions about cell phone repair, especially with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7, out there. Many people are even afraid to take their screens to get a repair. Most of the problems associated with cell phone repair stem from people who tried to fix their device themselves and ended up with an unfortunate result. Skip the risk and find a cell phone repair shop that you can trust. If you’re lucky enough to live in Cardiff, iPhonefixed can’t come recommended enough!


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