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Autumn 2018 Release: The New iPhone

 Apr 4, 2018    iPhone news & reviews  Autumn 2018 Release: The New iPhone

Another year, another iPhone. Every year, autumn’s Apple Keynote Conference comes upon us and Apple fans find themselves swimming in new software and hardware from the beloved company. This year, fans will still be getting new releases… maybe even more than they’re anticipating.

Nothing is confirmed. But rumors fly around about what Apple could have in store. One of the biggest? The release of numerous new iPhones at once. Reports of three or four iPhone launches coming at the same time are coming out and fans can’t wait to see what features and styles await.

Read on for more rumors about what Apple’s 2018 Keynote Conference may hold, and what you can expect (or hope) to see in the Apple lineup this year.

New Designs

Since the iPhone 6, the design of iPhones hasn’t changed much with each new release. All in all, it sounds like the designs aren’t too far off from what we currently have with the iPhone X.Reports indicate that the new iPhones will be bezel-free, have a camera for Face ID, and will have no home button.

It’s also been said that there will be a mix of glass back and metal back phones released this year in a variety of colors, as well as a gold option for what fans are calling the “iPhone X Plus”.

If the rumors about four phones being released this year are true, it’s said that the screen sizes will include: “an LCD measuring 5.7 to 5.8in, two phones measuring 6.0 to 6.1in (one an LCD, the other an OLED) and an OLED screen measuring 6.4 to 6.5in.” At this point, these are just predictions.

New Screens

The most reasonable expectation for the new iPhone screens are a pixel density of 458ppi. However, Apple releases have never been known to be reasonable. One of Apple’s investing partners, eMagin, an OLED microdisplay company, has a screen with the potential to exceed 2,500ppi. It’s not likely that this will be a reality for the next generation of iPhones, but the possibility is making fans excited.

The more likely scenario is a mix of new phones with LCD and OLED screens. There is also said to be a lower-cost option with a TFT-LCD screen.

New Tech & Features

There’s a laundry list of predictions for new features and tech advancements in the new iPhones. Apple likes to spoil its fans with new features, and this year’s lineup is no different.

The two biggest features that people are talking about is the possibility of all releases having Face ID and/or improved Touch ID and the potential for long-distance wireless charging. The wireless charging will be possible from about one meter away, but some predict that’s a conservative estimate. For that, we’ll have to wait and see.

New Battery

The new batteries should have about 8% more capacity than the iPhone X for some models, such as the LCD screen models, while OLED models will have 25% more battery capacity than the iPhone X offered. Reports also claim that the batteries will be L shaped and have a rapid charge feature.

New Speeds

Did somebody say 5G? 4G was released with the iPhone 5. Fans have waited a long time for a speed boost in their iPhones, and this year might just be the year. The standards for what 5G would entail aren’t clear yet, but even if Apple manages to get the phones up that par, users will still have to wait a few years for their network speeds to catch up to their phone’s capabilities.

New Camera

The iPhone cameras are always a point of excitement among fans. This year, we’re looking at a whole slew of new camera features that will put phone photography enthusiasts up on a more serious level.

Reports from Bloomberg say that the new phones will get the TrueDepth scanner to their front camera, a feature that came out with the iPhone X that enabled Face ID and animated emojis. Other reports suggest that the cameras will be capable of what is being called “super-resolution” photos. The idea behind this is that every photo will be comprised of numerous photographs taken at slightly different angles, and then they’ll be stiched together to create the final product – a smartphone-taken image of incredible, unparalleled quality that people are comparing to DSLR-quality images.

Will we see interchangeable camera lenses for the iPhone this year, too? Some say yes!

Currently, the release date is predicted to be in September 2018. Apple has a long track record of releasing new phones in September at their Keynote Conference. Until then, fans and bloggers can only speculate what we’ll be getting. But if one thing is certain here, it’s that Apple does their best to make sure their new tech is worth the wait!


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