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Think Different: 5 iPhone Hacks You Need to Know

 Sep 25, 2015    iPhone tips  iPhone tips, 5 iPhone hacks you need to know

Getting The Most Out of Siri

Siri is perhaps the most revolutionary invention of Apple in recent years. Finally, your phone has a voice with the answers to practically any question you could imagine.But are you really getting the most out of her features? If you want a nap, just tell her to wake up in an hour’s time. Inform her of who in your contact lists are your mother or nicknamed friends so you don’t have to call everyone by their full name to contact them. Did you know if you tell her to set up a meeting with someone at a certain time and place, not only does she organise an event in your calendar but she also invites the other person so you don’t have to? If you’d like to see what your friend is tweeting about, simply ask Siri what they are talking about and she’ll send you their latest tweets, meaning you don’t have to open the twitter app at all!

More Than A Phone

Did you know that the Compass app can also be used as a spirit level? No longer will your pictures be slightly tilted, as you can simply swipe right and use the spirit level to make sure it’s level. You can also use your phone as a credit card when making purchases online in Safari. At the checkout select the “Scan Card” option and take a photo of your card. Isn’t life too short to be entering in card details anyway?

Terrific Texting Tips

We are all aware of replacing words with phrases, much to the internet’s delight; but there are a few handier hacks out there. If you make a typo, simply shake your phone and it will erase – this also works with photo editing. If you hold down the full-stop button when typing in a web address, your iPhone will suggest what kind of domain e.g. .com or .net. Are you curious to find out when you sent/received a text? Simply swipe left when you’ve your messages open and the times will appear!

Make Your Camera “Work It”

Are you a many-selfie person? Or maybe you love taking action shots? Hold down the shutter button in your camera and you’ll activate burst mode. Your phone will capture many photos in quick succession, so you’ll have plenty of options. Are you an unsteady photographer? Take your photos by hitting the “up” volume button on the side of the phone! Or if you’re taking a selfie, and wearing headphones, press the centre headphone button while the camera is open to take a snap, simple!

Quit Straining Your Eyes

The majority of us spend most of our time staring at computer screens and that LED lighting is not great for our eyes. Did you know that you can invert the light settings on your phone? Go to Settings>General>Accessibility and make the switch. By turning the background to a darker colour, your eyes won’t be as bothered when checking your retweets in the middle of the night. This is more effective than simply diming your brightness, and has the added benefit of making your screen look super cool.

Authors Bio:

Orlaith Costello writes for The PC Doctor, a fan of all things tech-related, she’s had a keen interest in IT and programming since the age of 8. Nurtured from a young age she has shares her opinions on IT news, smartphones, apps, or Google’s latest updates.


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