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Liquid damaged iPhone

Image of corrosion within the iPhone

*Signs of internal corrosion due to water damage

Do not attempt to charge or turn on the iPhone despite your urge to do so. You may make things worse!

MYTH BUSTER - Placing your device in rice doesn't do anything to your liquid damaged iPhone. Rice is a food and not a substitute for the correct procedure for removing corrosion from electronic circuity.

You might be thinking that liquid damage is about the worst thing that can happen to an iPhone, and you’re right. Whether you’ve dropped your iPhone  in a puddle, or suddenly found yourself the owner of a water damaged iPhone  thanks to an accident with a washing machine, it’s not good news.

It’s a fact that all electronic devices, such as the iPhone, that have been exposed to water or any other types of liquid, suffer badly. Water damaged iPhones experience damage to their logic board, which is basically the brain of the iPhone – it controls all tasks, functions and parts. The battery, camera, LCD screen and dock connector can all be affected, and unfortunately, sometimes this is irreversible. The minerals within the water or liquid potentially cause a short circuit to your liquid damaged iPhone, by pushing a higher electrical current through the iPhone’s tiny chips and circuits. Liquid damage is, without a doubt, a serious problem that needs immediate attention.

If your iPhone has been subjected to water or moisture damage, or has had contact with any liquids at all, please contact us as soon as possible, and be sure to give any relevant details. Generally, to stop the flow of the current, it’s recommended to remove the battery as quickly as possible.  The sooner we receive your liquid or water damaged iPhone, the more like it is that we can fix your iPhone.  

As soon as our team of highly trained technicians receive your liquid damaged iPhone, they’ll begin the extensive  cleaning process immediately, which means that the iPhone's logic board and other parts that have been affected by liquid damage will be treated using the correct methods cleaning any residue deposits and corrosion. 

Liquid or moisture damage to any electronic circuits is a degenerative process that will get worse as time goes on. If you attempt to plug in the charger to power the device with this liquid/moisture corrosion present, it will damage the device further. 

We will then contact you with a detailed quote discussing the necessary repair procedure and the cost of that repair.

The fee you are paying for is for the internal cleaning and the diagnosis of the faults and is non-refundable. This service cant take up to 7 days to carry out.

In the event that we cannot repair your iPhone, we will return it to you with nothing more to pay.


If your iPhone has been exposed to any liquid/water for more than 1 minute (e.g. washing machine, wet gym bag etc), the likelihood of us being able to get the iPhone to work again is zero. So to avoid disappointment, please do not order this service.

Damage incurred to a liquid damaged iPhone or submerged phone is wide spread and often unpredictable. Though uncommon, not all water/liquid damaged phones can be repaired and even after we have managed to get the iPhone to work, deterioration of its performance and functions can happen over a period of time, therefore no warranty is given to this type of repair. This service is ideal for people who want to retrieve valuable data from their iPhone.

Please Note: If you are unsure as to whether your iPhone has been subject to liquid damage, please refer to the Apple guide.