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Date added: 11-11-2013 Kids and iPhone security




In light of a new era where the internet has opened the doors to communication and information wide open, educating children about the dangers hiding behind this powerful tool given to people, is an imperative need, for many reasons than one.

The exact same thing should happen not only to children using the internet from home. Mobile devices have flooded the market and almost every household has at least one smartphone that parents pass on to their children, as soon as they get themselves a new model.

Children should have safe access to technology, which of course is not an easy job for parents. Implementing parental control on smartphones is much more challenging than monitoring a child that is using the computer at home. A computer is out in the open, or at least it should be. However, with a smartphone a child can download and do practically anything they can, without being spotted by parents.

According to a study conducted by Bridgewater University, cyberbullying is a worrying concern, given that it increases as the child gets older. Choosing which app to download is also another point of concern for parents. A recent article posted in CNET, mentions that paedophiles have found their way to reach young children by using a smartphone application called Kik, which is widely used from youngsters ever since it has been launched in 2010. It allows users to send pictures and messages to each other within an eye’s blink, completely free. They use Kik to request sexually explicit images from children, and then they may even teach children into performing sex acts for them. According to the police, most complains about inappropriate use of Kik involve 8-to-13-year olds. The same app is also used for cyberbullying. Google has just tweeked their social networking application ( Google+ app for the iPhone's iOS ) which has the ability to share photographs and more importatly when it come down to safety, the users location with other friends.

It becomes obvious that parents are shouldered with a heavy duty to protect their children and be careful when they hand their old smartphone over to them. In order to help you, parents, deal with the rising threat coming from internet use and dangerous smartphone use, here are some basics to get you on track.

1.Children will undoubtedly ask for their own cell phone. The secret is to meet their request only of you feel your child really needs a cell phone. If your child has a cell phone at hand and disregards you, while paying more attention to his/her friends, you have got a first sign that your child is not ready to handle his/her own cell phone, yet.

2.It is extremely important your child abides by the restrictions you set, in regards cell phone use. Since kids are more likely to send texts, rather than make voice calls, you should better put rules to texting technology, like allowing texting at specific hours. Maybe, if you tell your child that you will be reviewing their texts from time to time, they might easier keep out of inappropriate texting.

3.Experts say that a kid is mature enough to have their own cell phone around the age of 11. However, they shouldn’t have internet access from it before they become 15.

4.No matter what experts say, and what they suggest as precaution measures to prevent inappropriate use of cell phones by children, the key is communication. If you keep an open communication’s channel and your child is free to tell you about anything going on in their lives, you will always be a step ahead from those that may jeopardize your family’s peaceful life. You can also look for cell carriers that block phone-based purchases, and apply filters in free content. Additionally, you can seek services that give you more control-options when your child is using his/her cell phone, and/or pay in advance for texting and minutes your child can use.

A smartphone has a number of benefits no one can refuse, alongside dangers coming from inappropriate use and manipulative, dark people with internet access, or access to apps like Kik. The key to ensure your child’s safety when using the phone is education. Teach them, and better off, teach them by example. They sure will follow.

Date added: 09-11-2013 iPhonefixed loves Urban Holster by Constantine Barzacanos

If you’re someone who works with their hands, you’ll know only too well how easy it is to end up fumbling around for a pen or pencil while you’re holding a project steady. Whether you work with cotton and scissors, or wood and sandpaper, there’s nothing more irritating than trying to grab your tools which are just out of reach, while the telephone rings away happily in the background. Sound familiar? We thought so.

If you’re the sort of person who never seems to have what they need to hand, then the Urban Holster could literally change your life. Manufactured from high quality bridle leather, and designed to hold any small items you could ever need during your working day, the Urban Holster is an iPhone case like no other. With a compartment for your iPhone and a pen, pair of scissors or other small tools, a front wallet space for credit cards, drivers license and loose change, and a back wallet for a notebook or maps, there is almost nothing that couldn’t be kept inside this amazing case. If you’re forever losing your keys, you can even go one step further and add a keyholder across the front strap – a place for everything, and everything in its place.

Designed around an old army holster found in an antique shop, the Urban Holster is manufactured in beautiful black leather and finished with a strap that sits across the front, which is available in a variety of colours. For more information, head to Kickstarter to see the progress of the project.

Date added: 02-11-2013 The Top Five Bizarre Ways to use your iPhone



The first generation iPhone, the 2G, was launched what seems like eons ago, way back in 2007, and since then we’ve come a long way by technology standards. The recent 5S was enabled with fingerprint security, retina display, ultra-fast wireless and an impressive iSight camera – everything you could possibly need in a smartphone, whether you’re a businessman or a design student. The iPhone can be used as a media player, a camera, a social media tool and a mobile office, while slick apps can turn it into anything from a torch to a personal trainer in seconds. But amidst the sleek design and effective nature lies the humorous, the silly and the downright daft – this week, we’ve managed to round up five of the most bizarre ways to use your iPhone, just for your amusement. You can thank us later.

As a Giant Comedy Ear

Whether you’re channelling Prince Charles, or you simply love to confuse the locals, the Thumbs Up Ear iPhone Case is almost certainly the accessory for you. Made from durable silicon rubber, the cut-out section holds your iPhone in place securely, making it both entertaining and, erm, practical. Sadly, it’s only compatible with the iPhone 4 – those with newer versions will have to sit this one out. We can feel your disappointment from here.

As a Handy Snack

We’ve had cases that double as weapons, cases that can multitask, and even cases that imitate body parts (see above), but they’ve all been topped by the latest in slick design; the iPhone case you can eat. Heading out without a snack is a risky business, but luckily the folks behind the Survival Senbei Rice Cracker iPhone Case have come up with a solution; by taking the traditional rice cracker and shaping it around an iPhone, you can be sure that whether you’re marooned on an island or stuck on the Circle Line, you’ll never find yourself without sustenance again. On the downside, it provides absolutely no protection to your iPhone whatsoever – a minor detail though, we think.

As a Robotic Bug

If you’ve never used your iPhone as a remote control, you’re missing out; from turning lights on and off to changing the settings on your central heating, the ways to utilise your smartphone are almost endless.If you’re a fan of high-tech gadgetry, you’re bound to love the iPhone Controlled Beetle, designed by the lovely people at iHelicopters, who brought us the iPhone controlled cars, helicopters and UFOs. Offering twenty minute sessions of remote-control hilarity, use the robotic bug to scare friends and family, or simply watch it run in circles. And err, that’s about it.

As a Wind Machine

We’d forgive you for assuming we’re talking about some great new app which harnesses all the technological capabilities of the iPhone, and turns them into energy or electricity, but unfortunately, we’re not. The iFart is the app which you never knew you needed.... because you probably don’t. Designed simply to make, err, bodily sounds, it has an array of different tones which can be timed or set to ‘go off’ every time the iPhone is moved. Parp-tastic.

Date added: 31-08-2013 Four Great Cooking Apps for the iPhone recommended by iPhonefixed

Here at iPhonefixed, we love our food – from summer salads and lazy barbecues, to hot and comforting winter soups, stews and casseroles. But sometimes, we all need a little help in the kitchen – so this week we’ve come up with our four top culinary apps that will make your life in the kitchen that bit easier.

Jamie Oliver’s Twenty Minute Meals

Jamie Oliver has become a household name, and has come a long way since the days of ‘The Naked Chef’. This great app is ideal for anyone who is less than confident in the kitchen, as there are detailed step-by-step instructions for sixty meals with plenty of pictures, and even changing the ingredients amount is easily done with the handy tab at the top of the screen.

Evernote Food

Most people have heard of the impressive organisation app Evernote, but not as many realise there is an Evernote Food version. With access to thousands of recipes, and the ability to share photographs of your food through picture essays, you’ll soon be building a culinary portfolio to be proud of.

Kitchen Tools

Having a kitchen full of gadgets is fine, but when you’re in the middle of cooking, you need as much clear workspace as possible, and that’s where the handy Kitchen Tools app comes in. Featuring multiple timers, weight conversion, liquid conversion and a dedicated boiled egg timer, you’ll never need to juggle your measurements again.

Culinary Herb Guide

With over sixty detailed descriptions of culinary herbs, the Culinary Herb Guide app will add a whole new dimension to your cooking. Admire the beautiful botanical illustrations, read up on the history of numerous different herbs, and research suggested uses and medicinal properties of the plants.

Date added: 23-08-2013 iPhonefixed loves the WoodChuck iPhone Accessories

It’s no secret that here at iPhonefixed, we love good design and clean living in equal measures, so every time we stumble across an iPhone or iPad accessory that ticks both those categories, we get a bit excited. From cases upcycled from old tyres or fire hoses, to iPhone docks crafted from broken vintage radios, we love everything unique and good for the planet. So when we stumbled across the range of cases by WoodChuck, we were understandably keen to find out more.

Created by two nature-loving technology addicts, Woodchuck is a range of iPhone, laptop and tablet covers designed, sourced and created in Minneapolis, US. Made from 100% real wood, that’s FSC certified as often as possible, the range is available in a wide variety of finishes – think pale birch, rich mahogany and classic walnut – and will add a touch of nature to your iPhone or iPad.

If you prefer quirky accessories that stand out from the crowd, the iPhone 5 cases are available in a geometric tribal pattern, or a variety of inlain designs, from simple zig-zags to an anchor, Minneapolis skyline or elephant image.

The concept of WoodChuck is simple – to return the element of nature to our electronic products. In a world full of disposable, imported, poorly made goods, WoodChuck cases and accessories stand apart and provide the user with a high-quality product, that is both sourced and made on home turf.


Date added: 21-08-2013 GoCuff – iPhone Fitness Case supported by iPhonefixed

Whether you’re training for a marathon or charity run, or you’re simply someone who’s keen on fitness and the gym, you’re probably going to want something to listen to while you work out. If you’re running on a treadmill, or through the streets in the early morning sunlight, it’s always good to have a little entertainment; from podcasts, plays and audiobooks to invigorating dance music that gets your heart pumping – so the one thing you’re going to need is a dedicated fitness case, that will keep your iPhone safe while you’re busy keeping your fitness levels up.

Most iPhone fitness cases are designed to be worn around the upper arm, which leaves them in an awkward place that is both hard to reach and tricky to get to. GoCuff is different – unlike its competitors, it’s worn on the wrist which means you can access it quickly and easily, whether you’re on the treadmill or heading off to go snowboarding. Available in three different sizes; small, medium and large, the GoCuff has been anatomically engineered, and allows you to use your iPhone to its full capacity through the unique PVC touch-sensitive screen. If you’re into adventure sports, such as snowboarding, skiing or paragliding, the GoCuff also tracks elevation gain and GPS, while still allowing for a full range of motion at the wrist. What’s even better is that the GoCuff is made from incredibly thin, perforated neoprene, which means it has a high level of breathability – essential when taking part in sports and fitness activities

Date added: 19-08-2013 Keep on losing your keys? iPhonefixed likes the new KeyMe App.

There’s not a lot that’s more annoying than discovering that at some point during the day, you’ve lost your keys, or even worse, you’ve simply locked yourself out. If you don’t happen to have a spare, or haven’t left one with a friend or neighbour, you have to face the inconvenience and sheer expense of calling a locksmith to have your locks changed – this is irritating enough if it happens once, but let’s face it, some of us are just unlucky when it comes to keys. If you’re one of those people who just can’t seem to hang on to their keys, you’re probably already aware of the locksmith fees, and would do pretty much anything to avoid paying them in the future. Luckily, KeyMe, a New York City based startup has revolutionized the locksmith industry – and could be about to change your life too.

The design is simple, yet revolutionary, and could make a real difference to people who continually lose their keys. By simply placing your key on a piece of plain white paper, and scanning copies of both the front and back, you can create a virtual key which is then stored on your digital keychain. The app then generates two pieces of information for the locksmith – the key type, and a series of numbers which gives depth cutting instructions, which means they can create a brand new key right there on the spot. The app itself is free, and it costs nothing to create an account and scan and store your digital copies of any keys, but it will cost you $9.99 to access the information, should you require it. The locksmith doesn’t need any extra information, and when you consider that the fees for a new lock can cost in excess of $150, it’s pretty much a bargain.

Founded last year, there are already five self-service kiosks throughout 7-Eleven stores in Manhatten, where you can both scan and make duplicate copies of existing keys. If you’re thinking of the future, you can also order via the KeyMe mail order service. The company offer various key designs, in a range of colours and styles, from the charity printed varieties to character keys ideal for children. For those who like something a little more eclectic, choose a novelty design such as the guitar or saw shaped keys, or go for practicality and pick the bottle version, which doubles up as a bottle opener.

Date added: 11-08-2013 Apple's iOS makes life easier

The driving force behind every iPhone is definitely iOS. Almost unlimited potentials and advanced features await businessmen and fans of iPhones alike. With powerful apps allowing users to spread their wings and communicate and collaborate from practically anywhere they might be. What is even better, everything is so user-friendly that it is highly unlikely that someone would not fall in love with an Apple creation.

If you run a business, iOS makes things so much easier for you, due to the highly interactive interface that gets everything rolling with the touch of your fingertip. Want to schedule a meeting or set up a video conference? Siri and FaceTime will get you wired up. Has something come up and want to reach a colleague around the block? It is only a few taps away with AirDrop. And, if you want others to see what you see remotely, you still have FaceTime working for you, making the impossible, possible. Free software updates and high security technologies? They all comprise an integral part of your business, as it has been formed in later years.

Although trying to list all apps and features of your iOS iPhone will take forever, if you spill water or accidentally drop it and break its screen will happen within seconds and cut the air out of you with the speed of light. Yes, truth is that your iPhone is a valuable tool for your business and any damage whatsoever could as well mean that your business falls behind. You need to have your iPhone running smoothly just like the very first day your palm welcomed it in. Don’t worry. We know. You are in need of a Bonnie Tayler’s “Hero”, and this is exactly why iPhonefixed.co.uk are here. We will make your day and repair any damage on your iPhone in no time, and without costing you a fortune.

We know iPhones, just like you know that you need to go with the flow if you want to stay on top, in a highly competitive marketplace. For that reason, and a myriad of others, your iPhone must, by all means, remain fully functional at all times. However, it could all be just talk and no true essence, which is why we challenge you to visit our website and ask for our services. Simply ask for a quote and come to see for yourself the meaning behind words. We are sure you will be pleasantly surprised!

Date added: 01-07-2013 Some features in iOS 7 you may have missed



We all love our iPhones, and with iOS 7 came a brand-new way of using those phones. The operating system may be a little old now - and we are still talking just a few months - but there are still plenty of little secret and tricks that people just don't get. It is possibly the most responsive and practical operating system available on a phone today. In this article we will look at a few tips and tricks that you may have missed.

If you're a busy person for example, the notification centre is your new best friend. It not only brings you some alerts, it also allows you to take control of your life quicker and more effectively. Head in to Settings to change the notification centre and what it tells you. It can pretty much help you run your day, by giving you alerts about meetings, the weather and all sorts of interesting stuff that really helps you feel like you're in control. It's one of the best features of iOS 7.

If you're still struggling with the new font style with iOS 7, and we have to agree that some people can see them as a little bit ‘thin’, you can enhance the fonts and make them bold. To get this done all you have to do is go in to Accessibility settings, where you will find a ‘bold text’ setting. Switch that particular setting on and your fonts will stand out that little bit more. Though a little bit old school, it is a clear indication that Apple are trying to make sure that all it’s customers are pleased.

Parallax wallpapers, love them or hate them

You will notice that there is something called ‘parallax wallpapers’ too. This is where the backgrounds move a little bit. If you can't handle this, and it is not your cup of tea, get customising it and go to Accessibility where you are able to switch to a setting that allows you to ‘reduce motion’.

One of our favourite updates in iOS 7 is possibly the simplest. For years we have been trying to get decent flashlight/torch apps installed on our phones, and they were always a bit fiddly. All you have to do now though with iOS 7 is flick up the bottom of the screen and hit the torch option. You can even do this from the lock screen.

The amazing feature that is Siri

And Siri has finally come of age too. You can use it to do pretty much anything on your iPhone, from checking email to updating your Twitter account. The good news about Siri is that the more you use it, the more it gets used to you. Siri has really become a true personal assistant, and the greatest tragedy at the moment is that not many people are using it. Take it for a test drive today, and you will find that pretty soon you can't do without it.

There are just a few things that we love about iOS 7. These amazing features are still unknown for many Apple phone users. Siri, especially, is a true gem.

Date added: 12-06-2013 Should we be expecting Apple’s new-born, the new sapphire scratch-free iPhone 6, in 2014?

During the last couple of days the world is on fire about the rumors that want Apple to launch the brand-new, shiny, scratch-proof, sapphire crystal screen iPhone 6, somewhere during the 2nd half of 2014! According to the latest reports, Apple has invested more than 500 million dollars to develop a super scratch-proof sapphire screen that will save users the trouble of a damaged or cracked screen after a fall or any accident. How would you like if you had an iPhone that can break concrete into pieces?

At this point, many iPhone 5S owners will come forward and say that their mobile phone also has sapphire crystal. The difference is that iPhone 5S uses sapphire crystal only to specific parts of them (see fingerprint-reading Touch ID button and protective lens of the rear camera), unlike the iPhone 6 that uses it all over its display. One can understand that the new iPhone 6 will sweep the market and run ahead of competition, bringing a new feature that most users will very much appreciate.

Apple seems to have managed to make a relatively costly material more reachable to more users around the world. Rumors also whisper that iPhone 6 will have enhanced functions, like eye-controlled scrolling through pages and studio-flash that will allow users to light a scene from a wide array of angles. In other words, tech and photography lovers will probably adore this model! Other than that, it is possible to expect an iPhone with curved screen that will ultimately let users enjoy a bigger surface area at about the same width with the iPhone 5S.

Others on the other hand, fear that iPhone 6 will be much more expensive than its forerunner, due to the larger screen, new features, possibly bigger size and more material used. It is spread that the new iPhone 6 will combat with phablets in size. However, none of this is pinned down, so we will have to wait for an official press release from Apple, or for the new iPhone 6 itself!