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Our story

Born out of a love for technology and a loathing of waste, iPhonefixed came to life many years ago in an attempt to battle the throwaway culture of technology. A lifelong recycler, I’ve always detested throwing things away. As time went by, I found myself repairing anything from car engines to dripping taps, before starting to work on broken mobile phones. What started as a favour to friends and family snowballed, and before long, I realised that there was a real market for an environmentally conscious iPhone repairs company – and so iPhonefixed was born.

We have two primary concerns here at iPhonefixed; firstly, the satisfaction of all of our customers, and secondly, working as ethically and sustainably as we possibly can. Customer service is at the very heart of our business, and we pride ourselves on both our technical knowledge and people skills – we think if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing to the very best of our ability, and we like to think our customers agree. Openness and transparency are a vital part of any customer-based business, which is why we’ve recently joined Trust Pilot, an independent service which allows customers to openly and honestly review products and services. To read our most recent reviews, click here.

Sustainability is a big part of what we do here at iPhonefixed

My interest in the environment and reducing waste was what got me to this point in life, and it’s what motivates me daily. A rather lesser known fact about the iPhone is that during manufacture, it uses up enough energy to power 1200 sixty-watt lightbulbs for an entire hour – energy which then becomes wasted once the phone is broken and discarded. We’re now living in an age of climate change and environmental destruction, which isn’t helped by the throwaway culture of technology – it’s our aim to keep as many iPhones and iPhone parts out of landfill as possibly, leaving the planet happier and the customer satisfied.

We apply our sustainable measures to other parts of the company as well – we recycle any broken iPhone screens and parts that are beyond repair, use old salvaged Apple Cinema displays with a polycarbonate frame in the office, and the majority of our computer hardware has been rescued and reconditioned. Not only that, but we recycle all paper, plastic and glass, and also re-use customers envelopes, bubble wrap and elastic bands – literally, nothing goes to waste.
Whatever problems you might be having with your iPhone, there’s a good chance we can fix it for you here at iPhonefixed; we offer a wide range of parts, expert technicians and above all, the best customer service in the UK.

To get in touch, for more information or to request a service, head to our contact page – we look forward to speaking to you soon.