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Apple Watch Screen Scratch Test by iPhonefixed

 Apr 7, 2015    Video  Apple watch screen test, Apple watch screen scratches, Apple watch screen damage

Hi. On September 9th 2014, Apple released to the world the iPhone 6 and 6 plus and the Apple Watch

Tim Cook, the SEO of Apple said, “Apple Watch is the most personal device we’ve ever created”

Personal it maybe, but will it be durable. We managed to get our hands on an Apple Watch 38mm Sapphire screen, here it is.

Stay tuned and by the end of the video we would have tested the screens resistance to scratches and to see how durable this screen is.

A lot of thought has gone into the manufacturing process and into the materials used to make the Apple Watch. For example the Apple Watch is made out of stainless steel and has a Sapphire glass screen.

The Apple sports Watch is made out of anodized aluminium which is lighter than stainless steel and has an Ion-X glass screen which is more shatter proof and more impact resistant than the Sapphire glass.

The Special Edition Apple Watch is made out of 18 karat gold and also has a sapphire screen display.

So here’s what you’ve been waiting for, The Scratch Test. First, the Apple Watch screen is rubbed against a stone wall.

Then the Apple Watch has a coin rubbed across its screen.

Then the Apple Watch screen has a key rubbed across it. Abrasive paper is rubbed on the Apple Watch screen. A hammer is tapped onto the Apple Watch screen, and finally a power drill is placed against the Apple watch screen.

Taking a close look at the Apple Watch screen after the scratch test, there are no marks or scratches on the screen.

So there you have it, from our primitive tests you can see that the sapphire glass is pretty strong. Virtually impossible to scratch.

At iPhonefixed we are pretty confident that the Apple Watch will serve you well, but if you are one of these clumsy people or really unfortunate to damage your iPhone of Apple Watch, you know who to call. Call us, because we love to fix things!


iPhonefixed will soon be offering Apple Watch Repairs as well as the usual iPhone repairs.





The tested things are very stumpy so it's not really amazing to see that it doesn't leave scratches. Try a sharped diamond or at least a wood driller instead.
Fake Jony Ive
This guy a sever Jony Ive wannabe.
You hit really hard with that hammer man...
Is this me?
Are you trying to be Jony Ive?
drops 1" , shatters.
Dude, relax with those hands, you're going to poke someones eyes out.
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