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How CS Cart Themes Revolutionised our Business at iPhonefixed.co.uk

 Jul 11, 2018    iPhone news & reviews  CS-Cart Themes, CS Cart Themes, CS-Cart templates, cscartdesign.com

Digitisation is something that sounds easy enough, but in practice it is a lot more than meets the eye. In 2018, most of what we do regarding media and shopping is done online. Because of that, many companies, including ourselves, put a lot of time, effort, and money into making their digital footprint large enough to get noticed. Still yet, it’s never a guarantee. So, bringing iPhonefixed to the digital world was easy, but getting us noticed amongst our competitors was a daunting task. How were we going to make ourselves stand out among our competitors? How would we integrate a shopping feature into the website? How would we make it easy for our customers to find us? Enter CS-Cart themes.

Most of our worries about entering the digital realm with iPhonefixed were quelled when we were introduced to the lovely people at CSCartDesign.com. They made it incredibly easy for us to make a meaningful web presence for ourselves. Because of the beautifully designed CS Cart themes, we were able to get a website that was perfect for us, and it can be perfect for you, too!

Here’s what we love about CS Cart themes and the CS-Cart templates, and what we get complimented on the most.

What You’ll Love About CSCartDesign.com.

  • 1.They CS Cart templates and CS-Cart themes are easy and quick to get.

    The best way to describe these themes and templates is that they are hassle-free. It takes only minutes to go from purchasing a theme to having it up and running bug-free on your own domain. Every purchase comes with detailed instructions to make installation and customisation a cinch.
  • 2.They’re affordable.

    While most worthwhile themes available these days cost hundreds of pounds, CS-Cart themes start from only £49. That’s hard to beat for the quality you get with every theme!
  • 3.They’re user friendly.

    Not only are the themes easy to install, but they’re easy for customers to use too. That’s what our customers compliment us on quite often, anyway! They love how simple it is to navigate the website and to check out whether they’re on desktop, tablet, or mobile.
  • 4.Every theme is customisable.

    The themes come with a built-in theme editor that allows you to change everything from your logo to the backgrounds and fonts on your site, and more! If you want to further customise your own theme, CSCartDesign.com is available for hire for customised web design and development. However, you probably wont even need that because the themes offer a lot of room for easy customisation and personilisation. 
  • 5.Support is always available.

    Sometimes things go wrong, and that can be really frustrating. CS-CartDesign.com.
  •  knows this and so they’ve made sure that the author of the theme is available to answer questions, resolve bugs, and answer technical questions. They’re also there to help you with installation if need be! Their support is top-notch!

One of the best things we’ve ever done for our business here at iPhonefixed is to partner up with CS-CartDesign.com and purchase one of their beautiful, easy-to-use templates for our website. We’re getting complimented all the time on how simple and quick our website is to use, and that’s all thanks to the talented team at CS-CartDesign.com So, if you’re in the market for a website upgrade, look no further than them and their customisable, user-friendly themes!


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