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The Swiss Army iPhone

 Nov 15, 2014    iPhone tips

Back in the old days (the days before electronic gadgets ruled the world), there was an object that could be carried in your pocket, and it offered many different uses. It could be used to cut some string, or cut some paper, file something down, or even open a bottle. It was known as the Swiss Army Knife, and was an essential piece of equipment for any outdoor person.

Now while it hasn’t been put out to pasture, the electronic world has its own version. It may not be able to open a bottle or cut some string, but it can light the way, guide you to safety, help you identify stars, and of course, keep you in regular contact with the outside world. It is the iPhone I am speaking of. This modern day Swiss Army Knife has many different uses, all tucked up in one small package, enabling you to do what you need, whenever.

There are many apps for the outside person to take advantage of. One of the most useful is the Flashlight app. There are stacks of flashlight apps that utilise the camera flash of the phone to be used as a torch. This comes in handy when in dark places, or out for a walk at night.

321Run Free is a superb app for the fitness fanatic, it charts length of runs or walks using the onboard GPS, it suggests training regimes to get you up to running 30 minutes straight, or prepare you to run for 2 hours for a marathon. Naturally, you can play your music while the app is running, and also get it to inform you when you are reaching milestones, and encourage you on.

For the handyman, there is a spirit level app called iHandy Level that you can use to help you level up your work, or when you are hanging a picture up. Simply place the iPhone on the work, and then adjust until you get the level you want.

GoSkyWatch Planetarium is a wonderful app for the astronomers. It works in a similar way to Peaks, except you point your phone up to the night sky and it will identify the constellations for you, as well as providing other useful information.


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