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What you Need to Know About Your iPhone’s Repairs

 Dec 16, 2016    iPhone news & reviews  iPhone screen repair cardiff, Cardiff iPhone screen repair service, iPhone repairs Cardiff

A shattered screen and a dead battery are the most common disasters for iPhone owners. Accidents are not predictable so of course, you dread that day your iPhone will hit the ground and shatter the screen. We are Cardiff’s iPhone screen repair experts who can fix this problem. Dead iPhone batteries are a rare occurrence on a new iPhone but when it gets around 2 years old, the batteries will start to fail and will need replacing. This is a more worrisome problem, as you may fear that there is something wrong. As iPhone repairs Cardiff experts we can tell easily when the battery is dead and when the problem is much bigger.

When your screen breaks

If your iPhone 6 breaks, shatters or cracks you have 3 options. Go to Apple for repairs if your 1-year warranty is valid, have AppleCare + take care of the problems if you purchased this insurance, or consult a professional repair shop.

We are professional phone repair experts that can do iPhone 6 repairs and other iPhone series. We have helped hundreds of people with iPhone screen problems. We have seen a growing demand for our services as iPhone owners get tired of long waiting times after returning their phones for repairs at the store. If you cannot afford the Applecare+ insurance, plan we have you covered.

Our services cover all kinds of iPhone problems including broken screens such as hairline cracks, web cracks, complete breaks and partial loss of display from liquid damage.


The cost of our iPhone 6 screen repairs services is very competitive compared to elsewhere in Cardiff.

We offer a same day (usually around an hour) screen repairs service. If you mail your iPhone to usthe repair is done and the iPhone returned to you usually within 2 to 3 repaired and in working condition.

When you have a faulty battery

Does your iPhone drain power very fast? Is your phone shutting down even when the battery shows it has enough power left? Is your phone refusing to power on? The most likely problem could be a faulty battery. Your iPhone‘s battery fault could be coming from one of these problems; a software problem, or a shorted battery like in the case of water damage.

iPhone 6 bug problem

Your iPhone 6 is run by Apple’s operating system (software) version iOS9. While this version is relatively free of problems, experts say it has some few bugs that can interrupt the working of the phone when you are on some apps.

The most common show of this bug has been the iPhone 6 displaying wrong battery information. Your phone could be showing 50% battery life remaining then it suddenly shuts down. Experts have explained that this bug messes up with the phone’s timer making the battery life indicator stuck in an earlier level while the true battery life level has gone low or drained away entirely.

We can fix this power problem by correcting your iPhone’s software. We shall upgrade the software if it is the cause of the problem without necessarily having to replace the battery.

Battery repair

We have experienced iPhone battery repair Cardiff repairmen that will quickly look at your phone and diagnose the problem. We have the latest iPhone repair systems to calibrate your phone and determine if the battery is completely dead or if the problem lies with the electronics circuit.


Our repair costs are considerably lower than what you will be charged at the store or under Applecare+. We take advantage of lean staff and lower overheads to pass on this economics onto you in the form of lower charges.

We do battery repair as you wait, typically in less than 60 minutes. We guarantee the replacement battery for 1 year.


We understand the risks of using low quality and fake batteries. That is why all our batteries are manufactured by the same companies, which produce the battery cells for Apple, and other companies such as Samsung. All our batteries are testedand safe, which means it will keep power for longer periods and a longer lifetime.

Sending your phone

If you cannot come to our location, you can send your phone to us via courier or registered parcel. We guarantee that your iPhone will be run through all necessary diagnostics just like we would with you present.

If you send your phone to us, you can expect to hear from us immediately we receive it and do the diagnostics. We shall ask for your permission to go ahead with the repairs after you approve the costs. Your iPhone will then be repaired as soon as possible and returned in less than 3 days.

We advise that you backup your phone before sending it to us. You can do this on your laptop or computer using iTunes application.

Why us?

As experienced iPhone repairs Cardiff experts, we offer a quality of guarantee when we handle your iPhone. Our crew is dedicated and committed to offering you the best service.

Our charges are unmatched by the competition. We offer a straight up one-time fee without any hidden charges. The price you get on your invoice is the final price.

Our services are timely. We know that your iPhone is an indispensable part of your business and social life. We offer same day service for people who live in Cardiff. If your phone has a more serious problem or needs an unavailable spare part, our turnaround is around s 3 days.


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