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The iPhone 6 Plus is the big brother of the iPhone 6, and is a direct competitor of devices such as the Samsung Note series. The screen is a whopping 5.5 inches, and is easily Apple’s largest “small” device to date. However, there is a trade off to be had with the Plus, and that is it is significantly weaker than any iPhone previous to it. Dropping it at waist height can lead to screen breakage, meaning you will need to get a iPhone 6 Plus screen repair.
iPhonefixed.co.uk have ramped up their service to include iPhone screen repair for the new Apple iPhone 6th generation of smart phones. Using original screens that are fully guaranteed for a year, the company continues its tradition of being completely in synch with the latest phones released by Apple. The company will also continue support and repairs of all previous generations of iPhones, along with the latest incarnation.

Probably the worst thing that can happen to your iPhone is water or liquid damage and this is becoming more and more common these days since we take our iPhones pretty much everywhere with us. What’s even worse is that Apple’s iPhone warranty doesn't cover liquid damage.

Do you have a problem dog or cat? Do you wonder what they get up to while you are out? Or maybe you come home and find a mess when you get home and wonder which of your animals is responsible. Or maybe you just want to keep an eye on your home while you are out for whatever reason. If you are one such person, then read on, this article is just for you.

Phone calls, games, utitlity apps, and social media. That’s what the majority of iPhone users utilise their iPhones for. They are essentially a small mobile computer, and offer so much flexibility and fun and use. Naturally, manufacturers have taken this to heart, and while producing their products, have incorporated the powerful application of the iPhone (and Android devices).

There are a million and one iPhone apps out there, and a billion and one iPhone app articles highlighting the best iPhone apps. The vast majority of these articles focus on the best free apps. The majority of us prefer the free apps, because they are...well....free.

Once people have got their iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus, one of the most common things they do is look at the accessories to see how they can make their phone a little more personal to them. Of course, accessories not only provide extra security, or enhance certain aspects of the phone, but they can also be used as an extra fashion statement.

The new iPhone generation has created a lot of excitement and anticipation. As the new operating system was launched alongside the devices, users of older generations upgraded to the latest OS so they could have the new look and feel on their phones. However, like many new software, this version was fraught with problems. Users were complaining of reduced battery life, poor display, and even wi-fi drop out.

The iPhone is perhaps the most used smart phone on the market. Its uses when it works are legendary. Anything from a torch, to a GPS navigator, to a games machine, to a social network device, and even a phone! But so many iPhones are laying to waste in a drawer somewhere.
The iPhone is not just a communications device, or a music player, or a games machine, or a GPS. It’s also a portable sports device. You can use it to keep track of your workouts, your diets, your sporting achievements and so on. It is allows you to keep track of your favourite professional sports using apps provided by many top media channels.